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Most trading chat rooms also provide software subscriptions to help make trading easier. Also, by conversing with other professional traders, you can find out what technology they use and how they use it to make a profit. The membership costs $1,870 annually and includes access to the discord community, video library, mentorship webinars, onboarding sessions, live premarket videos and the Humbled Trader Academy day trading course.

Another benefit is that traders can pay the first $5,000 in profits and then 90% of the profits generated to their bank account. Since 2020, the funded trader payouts cumulated to about $8 million US dollars. More serious traders, with higher budgets, who want additional features should consider Warrior Trading, Benzinga, Investors Underground, Black Box stock chat rooms Stocks, Tim Sykes, and Bear Bull Traders. Beginners can watch a tutorial to learn the basics of the Community Boards. More advanced users can take advantage of additional fun features, such as customizing boards, sending posts to others, and recommending posts. There are other team members, as well, that work hard to keep the message boards thriving.

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Benzinga also has a few other noteworthy features, one being a corporate calendar that reports earnings, SEC filings, stock splits, analyst ratings, and more. Additionally, the platform has a stock screener (as the name implies, it allows users to execute stock checks.)The last feature we want to shine a spotlight on is the “Audio Squawk” which are fast audio alert. These alerts are geared towards short-term traders (and day traders) who don’t have the time to look at many charts at once. Every week it also provides critically analyzed instruction videos to help traders buy options or sell spreads as per the ongoing market conditions.

Subscribing to a plan will give access to quality educational resources, great alerts, along a very good support service. This discord chat room has tons of useful features like an on-demand swing trading boot camp, mentorship facilities, access to trading reports, daily market updates, and many more. Trading is a kind of strategy where traders try to capture short-to-medium term gains from a stock or any other financial instrument. Swing traders and day traders, the ones who usually use this trading strategy, primarily rely on technical analysis tools to identify the available trading opportunities. Some also use fundamental analysis to analyze the ongoing price trends and patterns. Dedicated to providing traders with the help and tools necessary to make a living day trading.

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However, to access the chat room and other tools, there is an additional “Trading Tools” subscription which includes the chat room access, real-time trading simulator, news, and market scanner. This is priced at $3997 when bundled in with Warrior Pro for ONE Year of the tools which then renews either monthly or annually. Live video trading is provided daily by the chat room’s educators, starting at the market open. The chat rooms allow members to identify stock changes without the need for market scanners. Mentors from Warrior Trading also notify other members about stocks, news, and important occurrences in the stock market. Today the market is quite saturated with various kinds of stock trade ideas and stock chat rooms.

  • Besides, there is also a Warrior Lounge which does not focus on any specific topic as such but can be used by the users to interact with each other.
  • The combination of these two things allows users to weed out useless information and provides the ability to consume what matters.
  • It’s easy to convince yourself of a trading strategy or the merits of a specific stock in a bubble.
  • It’s worth taking the time to learn and educate yourself on how to trade options before investing your literal time and money into a platform like Black Box Stocks.
  • Believe it or not, an online broker is a financial institution designed to help customers purchase different securities such as stocks from one of the best trading platforms.